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There are caterers, and then there are caterers… and then there’s us.

From your wedding, private party, brand activation, corporate workshop, major event to an intimate dinner with close friends, at Fourside Food Design and Events we handcraft menus, source locally and approach each event with a customised catering experience tailored just for you.

Collaborating with some of Melbourne’s most influential event experts, producers and suppliers, we cater different. We do it awesome, and we love it.









     Eat Together              

Our food is sourced from a carefully curated list of local suppliers and growers who provide top quality seasonal produce that we are proud to have on our menus. We get excited by fresh produce and its endless possibilities – the way it should be. 

At Fourside we understand the importance of delicious food at an event … after all, people always remember what they ate and how you made them feel!